The last week of school

I am not sure which group instigates the gloomy attitude surrounding the end of the year. Is it the students, or is it the teachers? All I know is that right now, I would do anything to be done with grading, done with lesson planning, done with phonecalls, organization...done. I'm not sure if I caught this attitude from a colleague or a kid, but I am feeling it. I start each day with a prep block, and I used to use this time wisely (at least this semester), but now I do anything but useful things during this time: check for flights to California, look at pictures of my daughter, write a new post for my blog. It seems that what I am preparing for is not school, but summer.
I find a similar attitude in my students. I present the day's duties, and they have suggestions like, "Could we do that outside?" or "How about this?". In addition, I have received increasingly creative excuses for missing homework. A student told me that some weird computer glitch let her see everything but my posted assignment until 10:15, at which time she needed to go to bed. Unfortunately, my attitude right now does not breed grace, but justice, brash justice. One student, with not so much creativity, actually told me that his dog ate his exam description.
So please, pray with me that this next week goes by quickly and quietly. Because it's time to summerize!!!!

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